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Process, Requirements, Terms

BLG Process

  1. Supplier Contact 

  2. Request quote

  3. Submit analysis and sample photos

  4. BLG quotes

  5. Supplier agrees

  6. BLG sends PO

  7. Supplier requests booking

  8. BLG arranges booking

  9. Supplier arranges transport to port/ramp

  10. BLG completes shipment to Buyer

  11. Supplier submits docs & photos

  12. BLG pays Supplier


Required documentation

  1. Invoice

  2. Bill of Lading

  3. Bank transfer information

  4. Weight tickets

Required loading Photographs

Click to see examples

  1. Container empty

  2. Container 1/4 full

  3. Container 1/2 full

  4. Container full

  5. Container left door open, Right door closed, (showing container ID#)

  6. Container doors closed and sealed

  7. Close up of the seal


Standard: CAD 5-7 days.

Other terms will be considered on their merits


Risk is a part of any transaction. Suppliers are afraid they won't get paid;


Buyer is afraid they won't get what they paid for.


At BLG we say what we do and do what we say.


Mutual trust is important in any transaction. Check our Testimonials Page and our references and give us a call

About descriptions and sample photos;     

Ask your self, "would you buy this material based on these photos?"

  • Better photos = better price. 

  • Better descriptions = better price and less chance of a misunderstanding.

Must be of the current offering. (Generic pictures of last years inventory does not represent what the buyer is really getting.)

More is better,     (one photo is really not enough to make a value judgement of 40,000 lbs. of material)

Better photos are better, ( blurred shots aren't a good representation  of your material , and make accurate evaluation difficult or even impossible. The same is true of photos of wrapped material or sealed boxes

If you don't believe this then I have a Like new, cream-puff, 53 Chevy 2 seat sports car for you $250,000, Sight unseen of course

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