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Special Interest:
1. Zorba
2. E Zorba
3. Heavies Metal
4. 6063 95/5
5. Electronic Scarp

​Power Supply with Cable

Power Supply without Cable

CD Rom/DVD floppy

UPS (mixed) without batteries

Hard Disc with Boards

Hard Disc with Boards (punched)

Hard Disc without Boards

Shredded Hard Disc with boards

Shredded Hard Disc without boards

Plastic Fan

Alumn Fan

PC All in

PC w/o CPU, Ram, PS

AC Adapters with Cable (laptop power core)

AC Adapters without Cable (laptop power core)

Mobile Phone Charger with wire

Mobile Phone Charger without wire

electric meter (plastic cover)

electric meter (glass cover)

electric meter (no cover)

micro motor

PC wire (32-35%)

Satellite Breakage


Server (mixed)

Server (thin model)

Alum Heat Sink

Cu/Al Heat Sink

Network gear mixed (router, modem, hubs, switches), (plastic case), (steel case)

Mobile Phone Scrap


Set-top box (cable/satellite box) (w/ hard drive)(w/ hard drive),(w/o hard drive)

Server's Power Supply

Air conditioner bulk

Air conditioner baled

Docking station

Ribbon wire from PC

Li-Ion Batteries (laptops)

Li-Ion Batteries (cell phones)

Li-Ion Batteries (router)

TV yokes (free of glass)

Cu transformer (small/palm sized)


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